"Entro quando finite?"

Translation:By when do you finish?

July 8, 2013

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By when do you finish? does not make any sense in English! Before you finish? will be better. Any comments?


I disagree; another way of saying it is "When do you finish by?" but some people do not like ending a sentence with a preposition ("by") so they rearrange the sentence to "By when do you finish?"

"Before you finish?" is more like a suggestion that can be answered with an agreement or disagreement whereas "By when do you finish?" asks for a specific time.


Just drop the "by" part and say "when do you finish?"


Not according to duolingo : I lost a heart for "When do you finish". Further down this thread f.formica gives a good explanation why :-)


English is a second language for me and I never her that expression! Today I learned something new! Thank you for the clarification!


I think a more natural way to say it would be "How long before you finish?". Both "by when do you finish" and "when do you finish by" sound incredibly stilted to me.


I agree with you ragazzambulante


Is the translation: "when do you finish?" not correct/acceptable?


"Quando finite?" would be enough for that; "entro" specifies that the answer must be an upper boundary, i.e. if I plan to finish between 10am and noon, I'll answer "entro mezzogiorno" (kind of "within noon") or "per mezzogiorno" (by noon). Given the renown Italian punctuality, asking vague questions like this is usually for the better :P


the correct translation should be: Mai I enter when you finish ( or when you have finished). the verb is entrare ( to enter)


You know, you make a fine point. Duolingo's trying to teach you the adverb "entro", but it's true that it would make sense with the verb as well: it's very colloquial, but it can mean "should I enter when you finish?" (not may). I wouldn't say it's the correct translation, but it should be accepted.


Almazen, In this sentence "entro" is used as a preposition meaning, by, before (time) within, in, inside. This is one of the reasons why Italian is a difficult language to learn.


thanks for both f.formica and jag1949 for the comments!!!


The issue is that English would use the future tense, while Italian doesn't need to. when will you finish? or When will you be finished by? or yes more correctly but less used: by when will you be finished?


Your welcome! Almazen.14 Hope it help you!


I answered Do I enter when you finish? and was ok.

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