"Vi har breven."

Translation:We have the letters.

November 29, 2014

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How do you know if letter is plural or not? Isn't breven the letter as well?


The indefinite plural is the same, but this is the definite plural.
SINGULAR ett brev – brevet
PLURAL brev – breven
so breven is always the letters (but brev can be either letter or letters)


It's like barn also So is there a way to know if the word will work in the same grammer of brev and barn ?


ett nouns that end in a consonant work that way (with few exceptions). This post is the best we've got so far about guessing the gender of a noun: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293 Other than that, it's mostly just memorizing. (most nouns are common gender though, 75-80% they say).


Brev means letter and it's an 'ett' word (not a 'en' word). So, it goes like: Ett brev - one letter Brevet - the letter Brev - letters Breven - the letters


I think the main thing that is confusing some about this word/sentence is that people are reading the sentence and treating the noun "letter" (Brev) as an en-word, when it is actually an ett-word, thus changing the definite forms in the singular and the plural.

Brev - letter (or letters)

Ett brev - A letter

Brevet - the letter

Breven - the letters

Hope this helps!


"Meet us in the park with 10 million SEK and they will remain secret. Come alone."


Hej! Isn't this "we have letters"? too?


No, the indefinite plural is the same as its singular form: brev. It is the rule for t-words ;)


I know this particular item refers to written correspondence. If one's reference point was say, Wheel of Fortune, would something like Vi har bokstäverna work for alphabet letters v items of correspondence or is it still breven?


Yes an alphabetic letter is en bokstav


Hmmm... When I got this one as a "type what you hear" exercise I wrote "De har breven", because the tts is closer to that than "Vi har breven".


Okay so it wasn't just me.


I wonder what kind of lee way they have for the speaking exercises, because I for one have a hard time pronouncing the br in brev


No idea, to be honest. That system is completely out of our control.


Brev means letter and is an 'ett' word and not a 'en' word so it goes like: Ett brev - one letter Brevet - the letter Brev - letters Breven - the letters


Okay so normally the plurals like "the cat" or "the dog" end in na... So why does this one end in en? And i get its an ett word but apple is an ett word and "the apples" ends in na too?


The plural endings depend on the declension of the noun. These aren't really taught in Duolingo, and honestly learning by declension is not always suitable for people, either.


Ett-words ending in a consonant and which are the same in plural often has -en as ending in the definite plural form.

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