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I was looking through my remaining 22 skills and I don't see subjunctive anywhere...

Is that covered in conditional, or is there no subjunctive at all in the tree? If subjunctive isn't taught in the tree, where can I learn it?

I've found that I REALLY need to use it when I'm talking with Dutch people and I'm like "WENN DU NUR DEUTSCH WÄREST, WÄRE ALLES EINFACHER" and then I have to rethink life and take the conversation into a new direction and it's really sad.

November 29, 2014



It is pretty much never used anymore in Dutch. You can read about it here. To quote:

The subjunctive was quite common in the past and is often encountered in older Dutch texts. It underwent a slow but steady decline in use, first in the spoken language and later in the written language. It was already noted by linguists in the early 20th century that the use of the subjunctive in oral language was rare.[1] By that time, the use of the subjunctive in writing was also dwindling—a process that continued throughout the 20th century.


Instead the function of the subjunctive has been replaced by a range of auxiliary verbs, the most important of which is "zullen" (will), especially its past tense: "zouden" (would).


Then how do you say, "I would have done that"...? Past tense of past tense? o.e


"Ik zou dat hebben gedaan."

Basically the same construction as in English. And yes, it is indeed taught in the Conditional skill.

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