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  5. "The dinner"

"The dinner"

Translation:La cena

July 8, 2013



Is this the last meal of the day? Because the translation is dinner. Shouldn't that be supper?


is there a difference between dinner and supper?? O__O


It depends on the country :D Here it's Breakfast, dinner and supper


ooh really? where's here? I have been taught breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper


I live in Montreal/Quebec/Canada. Well it is not official actually. English people in Montreal probably say dinner for the last meal of the day. But it is usually used by bilingual people who speaks fluent french and english. Normally in french the meals are "petit déjeuner" for breakfast, "déjeuner" for lunch and "dîner" for "dinner". But, in quebec's french it is "Déjeuner" for breakfast", "Dîner" for lunch and "souper" for dinner. So, since we use dîner for the lunch, bilingual people have a tendency to say dinner in those case and supper for the last meal of the day. :-)


oke, something new learned for today :) thanks for the explanation


La cena is the same in Spanish.

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