"Vuoi una tazza di caffè?"

Translation:Do you want a cup of coffee?

July 8, 2013

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Vuoi - would you like? (you would like), do you want? (you do want)... If both translations are acceptable, why is the answer "would you like a cup of coffee?" not accepted?



technically, it's a different verb tense.

vuoi -- you want (present)

vorresti -- you would like (conditional)


I was annoyed by a different answer being marked as wrong... I said "Want a cup of coffee?" and it said that was wrong, but "You want a cup of coffee?" would be correct. In English the you is implied in a scenario like this, so those 2 sentences mean exactly the same thing, right?


I suppose it is implied, but, as in many other cases, Duolingo seems to prefer the most direct translation, barring any slang and situation-based answers. Technically, the "Want" in your sentence can mean "I want," "they want," "we want," etc. That's how the cookie crumbles, unfortunately.


Is there an Italian equivalent of "do"? Because literally it's saying "You want a cup of coffee?" without the "do", or have I missed somthing here?


When you use "to do" as the main verb without any other extra ones, it is «fare». Other than that, Italian and other Romance languages (I don't think even German) never have an equivalent for "to do" as an auxiliary verb. So this sentence is literally "Want you a cup of coffee?"


But (Want you a cup of coffee?) is bad grammar.


Not in Italian. The Italian sentence «Vuoi una tazza di caffè?» is literally translated (word-for-word) as "Want you a cup of coffee?" You will not hear a native English speaker say this, though.


I got "Want a cup of coffee ? " as wrong. Missing words were "Do you" :(


I translated "You want a cup of coffee?" I don't see the need to differentiate the many styles of English into one style of Italian translated one way.


Duolingo does not interpret punctuation very well, so that would be interpreted as a statement: "You want a cup of coffee." You need the "Do" in the very beginning for your sentence to be interpreted as a question.

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