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"Léifimid na leabhair nua anocht."

Translation:We will read the new books tonight.

November 29, 2014



I don't understand how one would determine the difference between léimid and léifimid, upon hearing them, since according to this pronunciation they both sound the same.


This is what I wanted to know to. So it should have been "lay h muid". Still seems almost the same to me.


I wrote the present tense léimid because of her pronunciation. Seemed reasonable, if a bit sententious "We attack tonight! We rise tonight!" etc. Not accepted, of course.


It's a common mistake of mine too. Not just in this sentence, but pretty much all throughout the lesson. sigh


Irish uses the future tense for "near future" statements like "We attack tonight", even though English uses the present tense.


léifidh muid not accepted.


Leifimid is pronounced exactly the same as leimid, so how do we tell them apart if we are not reading the sentence? An why do I lose my whole lesson run every time I post a question?

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