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"Eu quero levar os hóspedes para a praia."

Translation:I want to take the guests to the beach.

July 8, 2013



Why do we need a "para" here? Why not à praia?


"para" is more common in spoken language, but "à praia" is the correct way! Juat report =)


The additional hint is given "to lead".
Is the answer "I want to lead the guests to the beach" not possible?

German translation "Ich möchte die Gäste zum Strand führen" (Google) sounds perfect to me (native German).

I reported it (can not do it later anymore).


Can it be "I want to take the guests to the beach."?


What's the best name for guests, convidados ou hóspedes? Hóspedes makes me think of hospitals :/


Pacientes = people who stays in hopitals for a long time...

Convidados = people who are invited to go to your home for a lunch, dinner, etc...

Hóspedes = people who are at your house for a couple of days, weeks, months, or people who are staying at a hotel...


Apparently "guests" at a hotel or patrons of a restaurant are also hóspedes. Yes?

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