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  5. "It is nothing important."

"It is nothing important."

Translation:Det er ikke noget vigtigt.

November 29, 2014



I wrote "Det er intet vigtigt". It was marked wrong, but when do you use "intet"?


from official Danish Grammar book: Ingen, intet: Ingen is used with common gender and plural NOUNS, intet with neuter NOUNS; both can have nominal function. Ingen, intet are often replaced by ikke nogen/noget in spoken Danish: De har ingen børn/penge. They have no children/money. Intet nyt er godt nyt. No news is good news. Jeg mødte ikke nogen (mennesker). I didn’t meet anyone/any people. Vi har ikke noget at spise. We have nothing to eat. Ingen har set ham i dag. No one has seen him today.


Thanks! From your reply I'm thinking that my answer might have been right after all. It does sound a bit archaic though so maybe no one would use intet in this particular example...

On a second note. What grammar book is that, and would you recommend it?


thanks to you! because of this question, I made my way into the good uses of ingen/intet...I disagree with you: ingen/intet is only intended to be used together with nouns, and "vigtigt" is an adjetive/adverb, isnt it? :---/ of course I recommend it :----) it was a great discover to enjoy: http://www.alibris.com/Danish-An-Essential-Grammar-Tom-Lundskaer-Nielsen/book/27233946


Actually in my mind intet was "coupled" with the pronoun det. I guess I was thinking that since they replace nouns it should be ok.

That looks like a very nice book, and the authors seem to have very good credentials. But I'm actually starting to consider getting a grammar book in Danish... Like as of last night. :)


Could you say more about what you mean by "only used together with nouns"? Do you mean that it cannot be used as a noun? I had the impression that both nogen/noget/nogle and ingen/ingtet/ingen could be used as nouns, meaning someone/something/etc and no one/nothing/etc, respectively.

If ingen/ingtet/ingen can be used as nouns, then I would argue that the translation of "Det er ikke noget vigtigt" that duolingo is requiring is wrong--it may sometimes effectively mean the same thing, but it is not actually the same thing to say "it is not anything important" and "it is nothing important."


"Det er ingenting vigtigt" is marked wrong. Would anyone per chance know why? Mange tak! :)


I woukd akso like to kniw the answer to this.


Is "ikke" necessary in this exercise? Could be "Det er noget vigtigt" ?

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