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"In het mandje zitten een paar appels."

Translation:There are a few apples in the basket.

November 30, 2014



The d in mandje sounds like a t to me. Is it because the origin word mand ends in d and is pronounced t?


Why am I not allowed to translate it as "in a basket sit a few apples" ? Surely the apples are "sitting" there??


Or are they standing there?


It may have been marked as incorrect because you wrote "a basket" rather than "the basket"


After having banged repeatedly into my brain that I should include 'er' when talking about 'there are' etc. Why is that word absent here?


Because "in het mandje" is in the first spot. If you want to switch "in het mandje", the sentence would look like this: "Er zitten een paar appels in het mandje."


I first wrote 'There are a couple of apples in the basket.', but then realised that it didn't say: 'Er zitten een paar appels in het mandje." Why is this translation ('There are...') correct here?


Wouldn't "In the basket are a pair of apples" also work?


Clearly not. "a pair" is collective and should be treated as a singular entity. Therefore, "in the basket IS a pair of apples" would do. I have heard on another course "wie zijn in het huis?" or "who are in the house?" and it is like nails down a blackboard.

[deactivated user]

    I just tried "is a pair of apples" and it was marked wrong. Perhaps "paar", although it resembles the English "pair", means something different.


    Apples don't come in pairs, unless you're using them as some sort of euphemism for ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

    This means "a couple of apples".


    Why not " there is a couple of apples in the basket?


    ... because a couple is "een koppel", while "een paar" means a few?


    This may have been rejected because you used the word "is".

    In English, although the word "couple" literally means one pair, (or one partnership, if referring to people), the expression "a couple of...." is used as a loose term for a small number of items.

    So it would be correct English to translate this as "There are a couple of apples in the basket"

    Having said that, you might hear native speakers, at least in Britain, say "there's a couple of...." It's not good grammar, but probably a lot of us do it, informally, when in a hurry. :-)

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