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  5. "Who may crown the king?"

"Who may crown the king?"

Translation:Wie mag de koning kronen?

November 30, 2014



Why isn't this "who may the king crown"?


"Wie" is in the first position, so it's the subject. I'm not sure if it sounds weird, but I guess "who may the king crown?" would either be "Wie mag door de koning gekroond worden?" (who may be crowned by the king?") or "De koning mag wie kronen?"


I put "Wie mag er de koning kronen?" and find that the "er" is not accepted. How do I know when to use "er" in a "Wie" question?


Wat is the difference between kronen en bekronen?


Nobody may crown the Dutch king. He wasn't crowned, but sworn in. He took an oath on the constitution. The crown stayed on a red velvet cushion all the time!

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