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  5. "They draw several cats."

"They draw several cats."

Translation:De ritar flera katter.

November 30, 2014



I used dem and it accepted it but said i had a typo and "dom" was correct. Am i having a brain fart?


I wrote "De ritar magna katter" and it said that only "De ritar nagra katter" is acceptable apart from "flera". Why is that?


Several is a tricky word, I had a discussion about it with another user here recently. I think several means några or flera, but not många. However, flera can mean both several and many, which makes it confusing.

You can take a look at this dictionary article too.


Thank you! (: I asked a native speaker and he told me that "flera" has a connotation saying "several different ones" and nagra is rather something like "some/several"(not too many but more than two) while manga means "a whole lot/ many".


Yes, that sounds right!


does "dra" not work here as well? what is the difference between "dra" and "ritar"?


rita is 'draw' as in 'design, sketch' etc. dra has many meanings, among them 'draw' as in 'draw a winner', 'draw a breath' and in many cases it means 'pull'. So you cannot say dra en katt that would mean 'pull a cat'.


Tack! :) makes perfect sense. Though I always wondered why it gets used in the swear phrase "dra åt skogen!" :)


Duo has a pretty strict policy about profanity so maybe you could edit the expression in your comment to be 'dra åt skogen' instead?
dra can indeed mean 'move, travel' especially with general directions, like dra västerut may mean 'go west'.


Is "att teckna" a synonym for "att rita"? I know Norwegian "å tegne" means "to draw", so I wonder if the two terms are related.


Yes, they're synonyms.


Anyone got a good way to remember "ritar"?


I don't know if it is a good way to remember but it worked at least for me. Have you already learned the German word ritzen? It means something like making not too deep cuts. I imagined a Stone Age man sitting in his cave and drawing (ritzening) a picture with a flint in the wall. The first three letters of both - ritar and ritzen - are the same, this was enough for me to remember.


Thanks, .Storr.


There's a song about someone who emigrated from Sweden to the US and who has forgotten most of his Swedish so he mixes in English words. So he writes that he ritar ett brev, which sounds funny because he's actually saying he's "drawing a letter". Don't know if it helps you, but that's what comes to mind for me.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zgbJ-zLhwE (the song is called Amerikabrevet, the person who posted it has spelled the title wrong!)
Lyrics: http://www.saw.se/Vistext/visaresult.aspx?id=121

if the links die just google Ruben Nilsson Amerikabrevet


Awesome. Thanks!



Why can’t we use “de målade”? Tack!

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