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Sreak issue with timezones

Sorry for duplicate, but you ignoring me in my previous thread. I have lost my streak as a result of issue with timezones. I have posted message here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5407229 but nobody helps me. I have created ticket to your support system, I've received an Email that ticket is created and it's number #329734, but nothing else. I've send screenshot to them ,but all my replies are ignored for 2 weeks. What else can I do so that they finally review my ticket? Sorry again for making duplicate here, but it really annoys me that I am ignored for 22 days!!!

November 30, 2014



Your streak day is from midnight to midnight in the timezone you were in when you first registered. You cannot change that so if you change your time zone, then you have to work with your original time zone, but do not leave it to the last minute.

One good thing about the Coach is that it says that you have x hours remaining before your streak period ends.

If you want your streak reinstated then you may have more success reporting it via the Support tab, but I think the team might be too busy with other work to worry about reinstating an individuals streak, but good luck.


Yes, but actually I did work in my original timezone and have screenshot that proves it. My streak was broken at night Saturday-Sunday, but when I returned to my timezone site showed me that I have experience for each day.

My screenshot is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77334605/duolinguo-streak-issue-screen.png

If you have access to my history - please check it - you will see that I am saying truth. And yes, I have reported it to support and send them the same screenshot, but they still ignoring me (((

What can I do so that they at least reviewed this issues?


Sorry but I do not have access to your history, I am just an ordinary learner like yourself. But I see plenty of people claiming that they lost their streak in error but I have not heard from anyone who has been successful in getting it reinstated. Like I say, Duo has a very small team and if they were to investigate every case they would probably not get anything else done.


OK, now I see that, I don't wait anymore that they return my streak back (((

But I would appreciate if they at least answered me.

And of course it would be great if they fixed this issue so that in future I will not loose my streak when visit country with different timezone...

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