"They write."

Translation:Eles escrevem.

July 8, 2013

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Is it ALWAYS necessary to use the article? I wrote just "Escrevem" for "they write" - what else could it be?


Yes, you can leave it out


But thats not so common (to omit in this example because it is too short and with no context). So, the better option is using it. When you have a previous context there is no problem to omit "eles". ("O que eles fazem?" -"escrevem")


Is there parellel use of subject pronouns between Spanish and Portugese, or are you more (or less) likely to include the subject pronoun in Portugese than Spanish?


For me, they are the same for both languages. You do not need to add the pronoun when it is implied in the sentence.


"Eles" is not an article; it's a pronoun. Articles are what translate to "the"/"a"/"an", and pronouns are words that take the place of a noun.


Just curious how They Read can be corrected to Elas Escrevem instead of Eles Escrevem without any context?

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