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Can't disconnect Facebook from Duolingo even with profile amendment? Edit: Resolved

I've tried the editing tactic explained on another discussion but neither the desktop site or mobile app will allow me to disconnect. The mobile site is curious in that any other edit you make it registers but when you flick the Facebook disconnect button, the moment you go out of that window it's back on again and the desktop site is no better; the disconnect button is greyed out and you can't change it.

Fix: If any others are having the issue of disconnecting you should try disabling any add-ons such as AdBlock and Ghostery as they interfere with the disconnection process. Once disabling them on Duo I was able to disconnect!

Viel Glück und viel Erfolg bei eurem Lernen :)

November 30, 2014



Hm, I was able to disconnect easily today. Maybe this is because you did start your account using Facebook? I do agree that you should be able to hide the link from your profile though.

In any case, if you're on the web version and you see a gray "disconnect" button, try clicking that again. Only the blue "connect" button means you've actually been disconnected. But I suspect you're seeing something different from what I'm seeing.

Edit: I went to check on my profile and yes! I had a similar behavior where it automatically reconnected me! I think I solved it though: When you disconnect from Facebook, you don't get the option to save your settings. However, if you make a minor edit to your profile text, you CAN click save, and that saves all of the settings. Try that?


Yeah, I'm pushing it but nothing seems to happen. I was a little surprised because for some reason I didn't notice the link until today. I've also tried taking Duolingo out of my apps on the desktop site and signing in and out.

Hopefully the mods might be able to find a fix one day? It seems a little odd that the mobile site recognises certain setting changes but it completely ignores when you switch off Facebook. With all the privacy concerns these days it's not too paranoid that some people might not want their Facebook profile so accessible.


I did try that a few times after reading a similar post but it wasn't working. I did find the culprit(s) though -- I have a few things installed on Firefox: Ghostery and Adblock Plus. They were somehow interfering with the process of disconnecting.

happy owl again :D :D


I have Ghostery and Adblock as well, but am using Chrome. I'll go double-check that my fix worked!


Thank you for letting us know what worked!! Have some lingots :)


Lite sent men tack! :p


My wife has been trying to disconnect her Farcebook account. She hasn't done it because she's concerned that since it doesn't ask her for a password she won't be able to get back in. Can you shed any light on if this is a problem?


The only real way to solve that would be for your wife to remember her password(s). If she uses a few for certain sites and goes through them maybe it will jog her memory? Personally, I've tried to stop myself from having all my sites on desktop auto-login. It's definitely more annoying but it's hopefully a bit more secure. I would advise getting a password manager... some of them have amazing features now. The one I use even has Touch ID so I don't have to input anything on the mobile. Also, if I didn't use it I wouldn't stand a chance remembering all my keys. Eh, it's better than just using abc123 for everything, right?

I can't remember but I think I originally signed up to Duo using Facebook but despite that my passwords are different. Your wife might have to remember two passwords :p


The only real way to solve that would be for your wife to remember her password(s).

Hm... I think my question only added to the confusion. So I got the impression (this wasn't the way I joined) Duo isn't/won't ask her for a password because she uses her facebook account to login. So she suspects if she disconnects facebook she may be locked out. I don't think you're talking about what I'm talking about. :P

BTW one of my undergrad majors was computer science (including this info so you don't think I'm some crank :P) and I'm not a fan of using password managers. Every other week it seems a vulnerability in a big one is released. The recent one that shocked me was in Android where apparently all password managers copy passwords to the clipboard! I'm an advocate of using a tool to generate a password with high entropy (I cat /dev/random) and recording it in a notebook you keep on yourself at all times, as people are better at keeping bits of paper safe (cf money) than they are at remembering good unique passwords. Plus hackers kind of more of a threat than pickpockets. YMMV (especially since I don't use a smartphone).


You lost me at "(entropy (I cat /dev/random)". I am but a simple end-user! :p

Personally, I am ok taking the risk. Seeing as big firms like Apple aren't 100% immune there's no way we can totally free ourselves from the risk unless we completely disengage from 21st century life and I'm not willing to give in to them. Unless it were a diary with a tumbler lock then there's no way I would trust myself not losing a notebook. I would lose my head if it weren't screwed on and constantly lose my keys as well, so for me, my manager is a lifesaver. I'm more worried about protecting myself from losing my notepad on a bus or falling out of a bag then true pickpockets!

Thanks for that acronym, too. I've never heard of "your mileage may vary" before.

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