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"At the restaurant the children's mothers and fathers are sitting."

Translation:På restaurangen sitter barnens mödrar och fäder.

November 30, 2014



mamma = mom ; mor = mother pappa = dad ; far = father


The English here is worded very awkwardly. Would changing it to "At the restaurant sit the children's mothers and fathers" have any consequences? It's structured similarly to the Swedish translation.


We learned somewhere that "på restaurangen" has this specific meaning and can be used with this order - just something to remember!


I just realized how much sense the V2 rule makes, even to english speakers. If we did not use commas the way we do (technically the english translation should be "At the restaurant, the children's mothers and fathers are sitting") we would also be following the V2 rule in English. Without the comma (or whatever abstract syntactical concept we use to invert sentences this way without changing word order) this sentence would be "At the restaurant sit the children's mothers and fathers," which does make sense in English, although it is not commonly used. Maybe this is just me, but it makes a lot of sense, as I can find this relation between my native language and Swedish.


The amount of times I've had this translation and written "mammas och pappas" instead of "mammor och pappor". I can't seem to shake English plurals!


why isn't "åt restaurangen" accepted? it means "at the restaurant," right?


No, it doesn't. Åt restaurangen means something like "for ("in favour of") the restaurant".


oh. tack så mycket!


You can say "vid resturangen" for "by the resturant", I think it is almost or the same, but åt is used for "at" in "stop laughing at me" (skratta inte åt mig), not for at in "at the resturant".


Why is sitter after restaurangen and not at the end?


In Swedish, the verb goes in second place in all main clauses. The first place is "på restaurangen" – one place can be more than one word, but you could replace it with one word, like där 'there' for instance.


Why is it incorrect to start the sentence as "Pa restaurang", as in "Vi gar pa restaurang" ("We are going to the restaurant")? Is it always necessary to use the definitive of a object/location at the beginning of a sentence?


The fixed phrase here typically includes the verb, so the phrase isn't just på restaurang but rather går på restaurang. Hence, if you want to start the sentence with the prepositional phrase, the fixed phrase no longer applies.


Can I say Det sitter barnens mödrar och fäder på restaurangen, and , consequently, På restaurangen sitter det barnens mödrar och fäder ?? Would that be a correct/natural thing to say?


The det sitter / sitter det constructions are for indefinites, so you can't use that here.


Thank you, I didn't know that :)


Why was mammor rejectd?


mammor is perfectly fine - do you remember exactly what you wrote? It's possible you had another error and didn't realise, but it's hard to tell and it could also be a bug.

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