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"You are the perfect daughter."

Translation:Du er den perfekte datter.

November 30, 2014



Why do we sometimes use perfekt and sometimes perfekte when describing a noun with the adjective before the noun? Is there a rule for when the regular adjective is used as opposed to the adjective+e?


After a definite article or possessive, the adjective takes it's "e-form", which doesn't happen after the indefinite article. For example:
Et smukt hus = A beautiful house
Det smukke hus = The beautiful house
Mit/Hans/Sørens smukke hus = My/His/Søren's beautiful house
Huset er smukt = The house is beautiful


So far, "the" has always been "en" tacked onto the end of the noun. Why is it "den perfekte datter" instead of "perfekte datteren" in this instance?


Because when you add an adjective to the noun then the definite marker moves in front of the adjective. It might seem counter intuitive, but that's how our language evolved.


So what English kept slides back in if the noun is modified. I'll try to remember that although my memory is shot. Tusen takk, if I've not mixed up my languages again.


Velbekomme :) (And, your memory did take a little detour to our northern neighbors of Norway, in Danish it is "Tusind tak". )


And I probably could have kept them sorted 60 years ago. I always believed dragons to be creatures of wisdom with extraordinary strength. You are a great help

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