"I want to go to the beach instead!"

Translation:Jag vill gå till stranden i stället!

November 30, 2014

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I'd just like to note since we had six reports from native Swedes that i stället and istället are both correct spellings for "instead". Adding the space does not make it a särskrivning. We accept both, but default to i stället since that is the spelling recommended by the Swedish language council.


Is there the expression "gå på" instead of "gå till"?


Not with the beach. But for instance gå på restaurang 'go to a restaurant' and gå på bio 'go to the movies' are set expressions. They mean 'go somewhere to do what you're supposed to do there' (as opposed to just 'walk to a restaurant/cinema building').

gå på stranden means 'walk on the beach'


Is åka not okay here? If the speaker was not close to the beach, they would presumably åka rather than there, wouldn't they? Or is gå till stranden a fixed expression?


That would work too, in the context you descibe.


Can you omit gå in this sentence or any other sentence involving going someplace?


You absolutely can here, though I would hesitate to call it a general rule.


I wrote "jag vill till stranden i stället" but I got the error reply "You missed a word. Jag vill åka till stranden i stället!"



Probably just missing. :)


It's still missing. I wrote the same (translation without ) and it was not accepted. 5-5-2021.


I was taught all those years ago that "gå" means "walk" and English "go" is "åka". Am I misremembering?


An example of no direct translation… both can be translated as ‘go’ but one implies by walking and the other by car, train etc. Take the English phrase ‘I go to work’ - this could be translated as ‘Jag går till jobbet’ OR ‘Jag åker till jobbet’ but you get more information from the Swedish phrase as the first one means you’re walking there or ‘going’ by foot and the second one means you’re ‘going’ there by e.g. car.

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