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"Min eld är den största i Sverige."

Translation:My fire is the biggest in Sweden.

November 30, 2014



"... jag har icke det skarpaste huvudet - men elden; min eld är den största i Sverige.."

August Strindberg


Read or download the whole book (for free) here.


Jag kan inte trycka på det. Finns det en annan länk?


Actually Helen I do think your huvudet is pretty skarp! :)


What makes this phrase significant? I am curious :)


August Strindberg (1849–1912) is one of Sweden's most famous classic authors. He had a pretty flamboyant personality.


Vilken bok är det?


"Han och hon" (published after the author's death), but I think it's originally from a letter to his first wife Siri von Essen.


His first wife... But at that time the divorces in Sweden were not allowed, as far as I've been thaught. Famous men were taking advantage of their social standing and killing wives or sending them to mental health institutions. -_


That is absolutely not true. In fact, von Essen had already divorced once when she met Strindberg, and that divorce was largely because of her own wishes.


How do you say bonfire? It got marked wrong here, though the sentence does refer to a bonfire I think.


A bonfire is a brasa.


When will I use this phrase? Why can't Duolingo teach phrases we will actually use? Many of these "poetic" sentences make no sense!


The aim is not to learn the sentences by heart. If you focus on the separate words and on the grammar you can learn a lot from such "poetic" sentences.


Adding to that, having the cultural references like this is especially helpful for language learning because it informs the usage of idioms, understanding of humor, and quite often also simply the way native speakers think.

You can't completely divorce a language from the cultures of those who speak it and expect people learning it to be usefully fluent outside of very formal settings.


This comment was on -1 when I found it, which is ridiculous because this guy is 100% correct


It's unfortunately not uncommon for some users to just downvote anything they don't like. I can enter an older thread and find that all of my comments are at -1 because I refused to add an obviously incorrect translation.


I suppose that "eld" is controlled fire and "brand" is uncontrolled fire, right?


brasa is controlled and brand is uncontrolled - eld can be either.


Jag skrev "Min äld är den största i Sverige" - och det var rätt, utan någon kommentar om stavning!


That is unfortunately a fairly recent bug which I hope will be fixed soon. It should have let you through with a typo notice - but for whatever reason, it isn't displaying typo notices correctly at the moment.

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