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"Modellerna har sig gröna klänningar."

Translation:The models wear green dresses.

November 30, 2014



Even the brother model from the other questio?


I am really confused by the word 'sig' - i thought it was some kind of singular pronoun, but it's not at all?


Bit late, but "Har på sig" is a phrasal verb which literally means "have on themself", so "sig" is still kind of a pronoun here, it just works with the other two words to create the meaning "to wear". The pronoun that goes in that place depends on who is doing the wearing, for example to say "I am wearing" the "sig" would change to "mig" to make "Har på mig", etc.


On one occasion I accidentally wrote 'har pa sig' and was told I should have written 'ha pa sig'...now I've just been told the precise opposite. Can anyone tell me which is correct? (or are they both correct?). Thanks.


Well, ha på sig is the inifinitive and har på sig is the present tense, if that helps.


How would 'The models wear the green dresses' be then?


Modellerna har på sig de gröna klänningarna


In previous questions , "model" is not represented by huma being but by small cars, planes, trains and so on. i think duolingo should replace theese by a human


Why is "Modellerna har gröna klänningar på sig" wrong? Is there any rule? Thanks.


Could it be that I saw "har på oss" in another lesson? Do we always use the reflective form for "wearing"?


I always hear modellen har på sig... :-/

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