"Stjärnorna på himlen."

Translation:The stars in the sky.

November 30, 2014

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I tried putting the stars in heaven because i forgot that himlen also means the sky, and also I thought I had heard that expression before? the stars in heaven doesn't seem too strange to me, I googled it and got some results of a book, some song lyrics and the bible, so should heaven be accepted?


That would be "stjärnorna i himlen" in Swedish.


Ohhh, thanks :D


Why is it 'himlen', whereas I learned 'en himmel' in the previous Nature lesson. Wouldn't this be 'himmelen'?


the stars in the sky bring tears to my eyes



This is the title of a Swedish Eurodance classic from the group Drömhus from 1999 that is still well known today in Sweden!

Åh, stjärna på himmelen, Säg att vi ses igen, Säg att du väntar där på mig, När natten blir till dag, Ser jag ett ljus igen, Lyser på himmelen , I mina drömmar finns du här, Vi är för alltid.


I am sorry, but it sounds like the voice is saying "fanona". Is the voice using some obscure island dialect of Swedish that was wiped out during the great whale uprising of 1831?

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