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"Os motoristas continuam errando o caminho."

Translation:Drivers are still missing the way.

July 8, 2013



They could be 'missing the road' or 'missing the turn', but 'missing the way' sounds wrong in English... you would normally say 'going the wrong way' or 'taking the wrong route/turn'.


2019-08-28 Agreed! I wanted to translate it as, "The drivers are still taking the wrong road," but I was doing a test and was already down one heart.


contramao = wrong way in ptg It is not that for sure here.


Ouch! Such an awkward sentence. How about "The drivers are still going the wrong way"?


What I hate about this sentence is no matter how well you understand the sentence in Portuguese, it is unlikely to accept your translation in English (because you wouldn't say it like that in English). Bad Duo!


I think the issue here is it's supposed to be like "missing the road," but if it's not modified by an adjective like "private" or part of a name, the English noun "way" almost always means "route" or "direction" in the abstract, rather than a physical road or path. So it's unclear whether this sentence means they are "missing the road" or "going the wrong way."


The drivers keep missing the way is a wrong answer?


It has a different meaning...


2019-08-28 Not to me. If they keep missing it, they are still missing it. It's the same thing.


Yes, it's wrong. You don't use ‘miss’ here. Using ‘miss’ implies that that although the drivers are carefully aiming, they end up going a bit too far to the left or right and end up in the bushes.

Correct solutions:

Drivers are still losing the way.
Drivers are still going the wrong way.
Drivers are still missing the turn/junction/exit/whatever.
Drivers are still taking the wrong turn/whatever.


I could miss a turn because it is hard to see, or poorly market. I could miss a freeway exit because I am in the wrong lane. I don't think " miss" implies -careful- aim, merely some level of intention.


We do not say "drivers are still losing the way"


Using a progressive here seems like idiomatic English to me. Is the Portuguese sentence really a natural translation of "Drivers are still going the wrong way"?


The Portuguese sentence is natural. (Not sure if a natural translation)

I mean, from Portuguese to English it's a natural translation, but from English to Portuguese there are other options.

Os motoristas continuam errando o caminho = The drivers still miss the way/route.

The drivers still miss the way = Os motoristas ainda erram o caminho.

We use "continuar + gerund" meaning "still + gerund" or "keep on + gerund".

Ela continua indo à igreja = She still goes to the church = She continues to go to the church.


Yes, but keep on was not accepted.


"The drivers keep missing the way" sounds better


the drivers are still not finding the road.
The translation above sounds like something a Buddhist monk would say


This seems like a pretty bad example and makes no sense--at least in how it's being translated into English. What would be wrong with "The motorists are continuing to make mistakes on the road"?


2019-08-28 I'm sure we do, but that isn't what this sentence means. It means that people continue to count on Google Maps, and it's telling them to take the 3rd turn, which is a private driveway, rather than the 2nd, which is a bit hidden from the highway, but goes through to the attraction.

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