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"Heb je gezegd dat je nooit zou kunnen verliezen?"

Translation:Did you say that you could never lose?

November 30, 2014



Sounds like Duo is mocking me for trying to finish this course as a native Dutch speaker, and failing some of the tests repeatedly.


"Heb je" does sound a lot like "Heb ik" in this question. I think the pronounciation could be improved


True. The je sounds very percussive.


I said "Have you said that you never would be able to lose?" Is this bad English? I do find that Duolingo likes to teach me my native language as well ;)


it should be: have you said that you would never be able to lose?


And how would it be "... you could never get lost"? Dat je je nooit zou kunnen verliezen?

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Does "verliezen" refer only to losing e.g. a match, or could this be said by a parent to a child that got lost in a forest?


It only refers to losing a match or something, if you were talking about getting lost in a forest you'd talk about verdwalen.


Would it be possible to use "kon" instead of "zou kunnen"?


It is not grammatically incorrect but 'kon' is more like 'have you ever said you could never lose', and I can't reallt think of situations where you'd say that, whereas 'zou kunnen' means something more along the lines of 'did you just say you could never lose', for instance after a game they lost. There's a larger chance 'zou kunnen' is correct in this sentence.


Dankjewel, mevrouw. :)


The answer was "Have you said that you couldn't EVER lose - warrom niet "ooit"


because it's "couldn't ever" = "could never"

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