"The soldier knows who they are."

Translation:Soldaten vet vilka de är.

November 30, 2014

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Any other examples of when to use vilka instead of vem?


Vem är du? Vilka är ni?

It's about plurals. :)


I thought vilka was "which".


It is. But vilka is also the plural of vem.


Why is it vilka in this case then, where "they" is singular?


they is meant to be plural here, it's not supposed to refer to the soldier. The soldier knows who they = those people are.

If you're thinking of the usage of they as a gender neutral pronoun, then the Swedish sentence would have been Soldaten vet vem hen är – but without context, that's a less likely interpretation of the English sentence.


"Soldaten vet vem hen är" is now accepted :-)

("Hen" being a new Swedish word with the same meaning that singular "they".)


han - hon - hen, interesting :)


@anitramwaju: Not anymore, apparently.

(Can't respond to you directly for some reason.)


Ah. Tack så mycket, three years later.

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    So could you say "Soldaten vet vem han är"?


    Yup! Perfectly well-formed and natural sentence.


    unfortunately this answer isnt accepted, and it wasnt clear to me from the english that "they" was 3rd person plural, and not a statement of the soldier knowing themselves in a non-gendered way.

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      Tack så mycket! Jag förstar nu.


      You probably saw "hen" because you translated the phrase as "Soldaten vet vem de är", but this phrase is wrong because we are talking about "they" (plural), and in this case you must use "vilka" instead of "vem".

      So, in my opinion, Duolingo should have marked the phrase wrong because you used "vem", but instead Duolingo marked "de" as incorrect and suggested "hen" as the correct alternative. The problem is: "hen" was NEVER shown before in any lesson, and it's also a very controversial gender neutral word in Swedish that a lot of people don't use.

      The Duolingo Swedish team should correct this exercise and mark the word "vem" as incorrect, instead of "de" and not suggest a word that was never taught before here.


      I've removed that. We don't use hen in the course at all, so it must have been added by mistake.

      For anybody wanting a reference on hen, please see my post on the word: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15916853/The-Swedish-pronoun-hen-how-and-why-it-is-and-isn-t-used


      Tack så mycket


      Why can't it be ...vilka är de?


      I also would like to know this!


      I really misread and as such misenterpreted this phrase - i read it to mean 'the soldier knows themself', as in 'i know who i am', and as such massively flubbed the translation. Anyone else have this prob??

      Out of interest, in this case would my translation have been correct? 'Soldaten vet vem sin är'


      Would it be ok to use som in this case?


      A sorting issue in my case, but would like to know where I can experience the structure of language. (grammar, and what not)


      But is vilka who or vem


      vem is singular who, vilka is plural who.

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