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  5. "Vi kommer i morgon."

"Vi kommer i morgon."

Translation:We come tomorrow.

November 30, 2014



Could this be translated as "We come in the morning"?


As in early in the day? If so, no. I morgon just means tomorrow.


So how would you say "We come in the morning"?


Vi kommer på morgonen.

If you want to be specific about tomorrow morning, it's vi kommer i morgon på morgonen.


… or Vi kommer i morgon bitti.


Oh, yes. Brainfart, didn't think of that.


No, the "i" in "i morgon" is like the "to" in "today" and "tonight" (and also "tomorrow" but morrow isn't used much anymore, in Old English it was tó morgen and morgen was the normal word for "morning")


My whole years of learning Swedish and I still don't know: what's the different between imorgon and i morgon? Ikväll and i kväll?


Both are perfectly correct (and should be approved everywhere in the course), but the Language council recommends the versions written apart, so we use them throughout the course.


It's basicly the same things, just that the 'i' is placed on Different spots.


Thank you! I must tell you that I really like this course. I am using it in conjunction with Rosetta Stone because in that program I must speak back and it tells me if my pronunciation is correct. However, since it uses absolutely no English, I doubt I could ever navigate the intricacies of Swedish conjugation of nouns and adjectives. I got extremely frustrated early on. Then my sister told me about DuoLingo and it has helped me go further with Rosetta Stone. Truthfully, once you're out of beta I think you're going to kick Rosetta Stone's butt!


So, is there a difference between "bitti" and "morgon"?


Yes, bitti is only used in the combination i morgon bitti = 'tomorrow morning'.


Can this also mean "We arrive tomorrow?" I have seen kommer used as arrive in other questions.


Why not "Vi kommer om i morgon"


I'm assuming that morgon means morning, while i morgon means tomorrow, is that same with natt and kväll?

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