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  5. "Ik eet zout."

"Ik eet zout."

Translation:I eat salt.

November 30, 2014


[deactivated user]

    This cant be healthy


    Strange Dutch and weird strange customs. "Het zout is lekker": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3781732


    Healthier than eating sugar. Sugar is always bad salt is only bad for those having or are prone to high blood pressure.

    My blood pressure is (sometimes dangerously) always extremely low. So salt is actually good for me.

    Besides only being able to stand for short periods of time (not only because of blood pressure) I have gotten unwell several times and was adviced to eat liquorice or just some plain salt in those occiasions. The plant where the candy is made of (zoethoutswortel) actually contains something that raises your blood pressure. So doubly beneficial in my case, and a double risk for others.

    I'm not that fond of liquorice but it has helped me atleast once.

    And I'm definitely more inclined to salt than sweet, like my body knows I need it. (Thats not something to go by though, your body isn't always up to speed with what it needs ;) and only knows 1 aspect if what it's craving, like sugar = energy and not all the downsides)


    On Forvo, some native said it with sound of "J", like "jout". http://pt.forvo.com/search/zout/

    Please, guys, is it "zalt" ou "jalt"?


    I don't hear a 'j-sound', just 'zout'. The guy on forvo said it correct.


    Does Dutch not have perfect and imperfect tenses? I'm wondering because "am ___ing" always comes up as an alternate translation


    you're thinking of progressive and continuous, which I believe it does have but is not used anywhere near as much as we use such in english.


    can you say " ik ben aan het eten zout"


    Close. The correct word order would be "Ik ben zout aan het eten."


    Beware of sodium intake man


    Ah shais, here duo go again :v

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