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  5. "Ik ben net gekomen."

"Ik ben net gekomen."

Translation:I have just come.

November 30, 2014



Awkward! As a dutch native I would say that if you use this sentence in a dutch crowd people will laugh...


Does that mean 'komen' has sexual connotations in Dutch too?


Yes, 'komen' also means 'to come', meaning 'to reach orgasm'.


Off topic, but... why would you do the Dutch course if you're a native?


Seems like a lot of native speakers are doing this course. I'm from Belgium and am here to see what's going on and see how I fair under the Netherlands idea of Dutch. I was/am taking other courses and so just did Dutch for the 'lul' (the heck of it). I also think it is important that people know Dutch is spoken in about half of Belgium and that even though we may have several dialects and a variety of accents, we also learn Standard Dutch in school and can understand and speak it fluently.


Voor de lol...for the fun of it.


how I fare* (a homonym ;) )


'cause we could laugh with ourselves..

And to aide other, non native, people.

You could try this group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/344557702394947/ A lot of funny, off topic, conversations.


Loving the group so far!


At first, I did it because it was in beta an I was curious how good or bad the course was. But I found out it's really interesting to see what confuses the non-native speakers; I learn a lot about other languages by reading the comments!


I'm thinking of taking the reverse course when I finish. To be thorough and seeing menus and other common things in dutch in context will help learn. I've even turned the language on Netflix and plan on doing it with my phone to Dutch. It helps!


So, if I actually wanted to note my arrival, I would say "Ik heb net aangekomen"?


"Ik BEN net aangekomen."


Can i use gwoon instead of net here?


Gewoon has the meaning of "simply". Like "im just a kid", "ik ben gewoon een kind". Net has the meaning of time, "not long ago", like in this sentence.


Thats what she said


I think I've never heard this sentence get used. Even though it's grammaticalized correct it's sounds very wrong to me.

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