"Djuret dricker vatten."

Translation:The animal is drinking water.

November 30, 2014

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glad it doesnt drink oil


Does ett djur mean an animal then?


Why is it "djuret" instead of "djuren" since -n usually means "the"?


you've probably learned this by now, but for others who may be wondering... nouns in swedish are either en words or ett words. Djur is an ett word. ett djur (an animal), djuret (the animal) and plural djur (animals) , djuren (the animals). So djuret is 'the animal' and djuren is 'the animals.


Djur is "animal", djuret is "the animal". Does that mean that djuren is "The animals" or just "animals"?


Djuren is "The animals" and Djur is Actually both singular and plural


Oh perfect, thanks for the clarification!


Why not "the water" for "vatten"?


I think "vatten" is just the base form of "water." Kind of confusing because it looks like it has a definite ending!


As somebody coming from native language that doesn't have articles, I've been asking myself forever, "why use <<the>> at all?" It's not like anybody will ever get confused and suddenly won't be able to tell who/what is the subject of the sentence.


We don't have cases, and word order is pretty strict, so sometimes the category of definiteness helps us where other languages use other means to say things.

But maybe it's just a thing… it's like different languages are interested in different things. Like Russian is very interested in whether an action is finished or not. Swedish is very interested in whether the object we're speaking about is previously known to the other person or not.


Is the voice for the swedish course going to be updated


Late answer so maybe you already know this, but we're in an A/B test for a new voice at the moment. Hopefully the new and better voice will win soon so everyone will hear the same.


Anybody knows why can't my answer be" the animal is drinking the water"? I think it works in other sentences.


Because "the water" is that specific water while vatten is "water" and "vattnet" means the water, so your sentence in Swedish is "Djuret dricker vattnet" while the sentence you're translating is "djuret dricker vatten"

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