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Does anybody know of a good Swedish online dictionary?

They say the only way to know ett words from en words is by consulting a dictionary. I checked out about five online dictionaries this morning and none of them provided that information. Google translate cannot be trusted. I tried typing in "an apple" and it gave me "ett äpple," but with alternative translations that included "en Apple." I need something like wordreference.com. Unfortunately they don't have Swedish. :( Can you suggest anything?

November 30, 2014



One of the Swedish course contributors posted this earlier: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5723209

Personally I usually just use Wiktionary. Might not be as comprehensive as other dictionaries but it does usually note the gender ("n" for neuter (ett), "c" for common (en)), and I'm already used to using it for other languages. Also sometimes has audio and/or etymology.


Arnauti's list is wonderful, but it looks like no excellent resource for learners is available, unless I just missed something. I agree, the wiktionary seems to be the best bet. However, I did not see where they note the gender (I looked up äpple). I guess I can suppose it by looking at the bestämd form (I noticed endings in -et and -en), right? Oh... I almost forgot to thank you! Thanks so much! Here's a lingot to show my appreciation and spruce up the page. :)


What do you need? I would imagine that http://tyda.se meets your needs. You have all the forms (from which you can deduce the gender), the english translation and many synonyms and even pictures.


Thanks Davost! I like that one! [Arnauti had it on his list, but due to his comment ("It often gives a lot of synonyms, but not much else"), I did not even look at it.] It does give what I need and it seems user-friendly.


"I guess I can suppose it by looking at the bestämd form (I noticed endings in -et and -en), right?"

This is correct. Ett-words get the -(e)t ending and en-words get the -(e)n ending..

Btw, "en Apple" in Swedish is an Apple computer (a Mac).


Arnauti made a post about this here. Hope you find it helpful.

EDIT: I see that someone already said this. I didn't scroll down before I answered.


That's okay. It's neat to see how you embedded the link.


Do you not know how to embed the link?


Nope. I used to know some formatting tricks but now I have forgotten them. How do you embed links?


You embed links by:

[Word goes here] (link goes here) The word you want the link to be in brackets and the link goes in parenthesis. You have to put the parenthesis against the bracket.

jairapetyan and voila!


Lol! Now do you mind explaining to me how you got the italic font, Jayway ?


ord.se is my personal go-to, as well as sv.wiktionary.org. The SAOL (Svenska Akademiens Ordlista) is the most official resource; said word list is all scanned in online, but the SAOL provides only grammatical and spelling notes, not definitions.


I highly recommend Folkets Lexikon. As it shows the bending for verbs or substantives, synonyms, and even contextual examples when needed. http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/

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