"Var är vykortet?"

Translation:Where is the postcard?

November 30, 2014

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Can this be any kind of postcard or does it have to have a landscape/town card (a card with a view - ett kort med en vy)? Like 'hälsningar från Stockholm' with a picture of Stockholm is 'vykort', but a postcard with a picture of a cat is just 'kort' (or something else).


No, it’s any postcard.


I tried so hard to figure out what she was saying because this is the first time I've seen this word and I am in 'strengthening' mode. Very frustrating.


When is "var är" appropriate, as apposed to"var ligger" (for small objects like this)


"Where is my postcard" is not accepted. Should it be? I thought using the definite is ok when it's clear who owns it.


It's not clear who owns it from just Var är vykortet? though. Could be anybody's postcard. :)


Ok, I read it like that person knew a friend or family member had gone on holidays and was expecting a postcard. Which I imagine would be the majority of the time someone is asking about a postcard. Perhaps they even rang the person asking them jokingly. So, in that case it would be acceptable? Love your work by the way. :)


Yes, if it's clear from context then it's absolutely fine. Thank you for the compliment. :)


The intonation is a bit strange, it seems that "vy' & "kortet" are 2 different words due to the pause in between syllables

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