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  5. "Het is januari."

"Het is januari."

Translation:It is January.

November 30, 2014



I am hearing a 'soft "v" sound between the "u" and the "a". Something like, "januwari". Is this the standard pronunciation for this word?


I think so https://forvo.com/word/januari/#nl https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/januari

I found most pronunciations with this 'v' sound, and some without, so I have to think that this is the standard way to say it. Whether the 'v-less' version is an alternate pronunciation, or simply incorrect, I can't say.


So months aren't capitalised in Dutch?


Capitalize the first word of a title, names of people, cities, countries, etc.

Exception: a title that starts with a contraction apostrophe. In this case, only the second word is capitalized. e.g. 's-Gravenhage or 'n Beetje verliefd

Names of days and months are written without capitalization. For example Een blauwe maandag or Regen in november.

Beware: the string IJ is considered one letter. When a title or names of people, cities, countries, etc. start with this string both letters need to be capitalized. e.g. Op de sluizen van IJmuiden


januVary !! I distinctively hear it.

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