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I have no hearts. I havnt had them since the beginning. Everyone else seems to have them.

Everyone is talking about these hearts. I do not have these said hearts.

November 30, 2014



Duolingo often tests new features on select groups of users. You are probably in the group that gets lessons with a progress bar instead of hearts. If that test proves successful then it will likely be given to all users.


Wait... what's this *heartless group doing? Can they make more than or equal to 4 mistakes?

edit: *pun intended.


There is a progress bar that leads to the completion of a skill. When you make a mistake, your progress moves back.

I don't have it myself, but I really want it because it seems far less random to me than three hearts.


I like this form very much. My friend has the hearts version and I can see the differences.


I like my hearts! I prefer hearts to a progress bar, but I prefer the progress bar that they used to have to the coach that they changed to.


Hearts as in the ones you lose if you fail a question?

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