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  5. "Jeg behøver en smule sukker."

"Jeg behøver en smule sukker."

Translation:I need a bit of sugar.

November 30, 2014



Can you also put it as "Jeg behøver en smule af sukker."? When can you omit the "af" when you want to say "a bit of..."? In another example, the sentence "Han laeser en smule af bogen" is listed as the correct way of saying "He reads a bit of the book." where the "af" is used to mean "of".


That one is difficult, but no, you can't say "en smule af sukker." It sounds wrong in Danish. "En smule sukker" is the right pronouncation. :)


Is there a reason "af£" isn't used, or just something to be remembered for this case?


While I'm not sure, I think it can be omitted for uncountable nouns like "sugar, water, bread" and not for countables like "book(s), train(s), cup(s)".


Aww thanks boomer4sooner, you just made my night


What has this to do with time?


This Danish verb reminds me of the English verb "behoove," which means "befit, suit, be advisable for," etc. It carries a similar sense as the Danish, but in English we'd use it less for "need" and more for "desirable to do for the benefit received." That's going to help me remember this Danish verb better though.

English examples: It would behoove you to leave before the heat of midday. It would behoove you to not speak back to your teacher.


There are old, more or less obsolete German words, too, such as "Behuf" (noun) "behufs" (preposition).


I am an English speaker and we would say I need a small piece of sugar or a bit of sugar


Behøver = mangler? Can we use both words?


Behøver is to need. Mangler is to lack. Subtly different.

[deactivated user]

    Why is it not: I need a bit sugar?

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