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"Do they use the euro in Germany?"

Translation:An úsáideann siad an euro sa Ghearmáin?

November 30, 2014



This is one where I feel like using "úsáidtear".


An úsáidtear an Euro sa Ghearmáin would be much better.


Why ' i Sasana' but not 'i Ghearmain'


England = Sasana, Germany = an Ghearmáin When 'an' is part of the name of the country, you have 'sa' instead of 'i.'


So, why is it "i sasana" but "sa ghéarmáin"??


Most countries require a definite article in the nominative case, but there are 5 major exceptions - Éire, Albain, Sasana, Meiriceá and Ceanada.

To confuse matters further, Éire has a distinct dative form, so with a preposition you get in Éirinn or go hÉirinn, but for the others, the nominative and dative forms are the same, so you get in Albain, i Sasana, i Meiriceá and i gCeanada, but sa Fhrainc, san Iodáil, sa Spáinn, and sa Ghearmáin.

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