"A cat and a dog."

Translation:En kat og en hund.

November 30, 2014



The cat: katten A cat: kat The crab: krabben A crab: krabbe

Why does the singular crab keep the 'be' on the end, yet the singular cat discards the 'te'?

November 30, 2014


Because that's the word. Krabbe becomes krabben. And kat becomes katten. That's just how it is.. I made the same mistake

December 21, 2014


I think it's easier to see it the other way around. Cat = kat. So when you add "the" it becomes "katten". Crab = krabbe. But when you add "the", there already is an "e" at the end of the word, so it becomes "krabben"

September 26, 2018


What's the difference between "en" and "et"? I keep mixing up the meanings.

December 1, 2016
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