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  5. "Waarom is hij laat?"

"Waarom is hij laat?"

Translation:Why is he late?

December 1, 2014



Because he's a Brit and thought half zeven was 7:30. :\


I read somewhere some time that "late" was usually translated as "te laat", and "too late" as "té laat". Is there any truth to this?


My girlfriend (a native Dutch speaker) says this isn't necessarily true. Someone saying "I am running late" will often use "laat" or "te laat" interchangeably. To say that something is "too late", though (as in, "I am too late to make the train"), can only be "te laat".

"Té laat" (accent going to the right side) may be used when you want to over-emphasize "te laat" (as in, "We're late but not TOO late").

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