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Alphabet/introduction pre-basics

Hi I am just realising that (beginning a new language on duolingo) there is a huge introduction void, considering the alphabet and pronunciations. When I first started italian I had learned all that already, so didn't realise the huge gap but now that I want to include spanish etc, I realise duolingo is definitely missing something important - an introduction. Prior to basics it would be cool if an alphabet and pronunciation course was available.

Maybe in the future?

December 1, 2014



The language Hunters on Youtube have a wonderful group of lessons called "Tea with Grampa" It focuses on Pronouncing the words so no subtitles, but it helps you make your first mumbling words in the language. Sadly no new videos have been added in over a year, but there is also one on them using it with kids in school. Added bonus some sign language! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHI4gINZh6E&list=UUH-zCKxiglntQYAwFnmS8Uw


Yes there needs to be a better intro

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In anticipation for the course, I spent a fair bit of time researching Irish on Wikipedia. I haven't actually done much Irish yet (German and other real life commitments come first) but I have had a much easier time, personally, understanding why things are, say, spelled the way they are.


There were a few discussions on this a while back. This one just has Irish consonants with English examples. And This one has a video by an Irish teacher, I think. They are both great for getting a grasp on pronunciations and spelling.

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