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  5. Oh, the frustration...


Oh, the frustration...

I just got to the final question of a lesson: translate "a wedding" into Swedish. No hearts left, but I tell myself, "no problem; I know wedding." I can save my heart refill for later.

Confidently I type "ett bröllop" into the box, and I press enter in anticipation of the sweet celebration music and my 10xp. Bwwwwop, bwwwop, bwwwwoooooowwwub.... I look back horrified, and then I realise: translate "wedding".

If I had a desk, I would have flipped it.

December 1, 2014



Duolingo has taught me two things over all others.

1) Read the question carefully.

2) Spell the English word correctly, too.

It turns out I've not been able to spell integrate until quite recently.


My latest trick is accidentally translating stuff into another language I'm learning. "La donna mangia i panini"? ... typety type ... "Kvinnan äter smörgåsarna" enter

Farewell, hearts.


Oh yes, I've had this problem as well. Translate "The boys eat sandwiches" into Dutch. Ah, of course it's les garcons mangent des sa... oh wait. :l


Mystifyingly, I can't seem to spell calendar right. And now I have French and Swedish calendars bouncing around my head. Ye gads.


I'm with you Skolpaddor. Samma problem.


Aye, 'tis a grave moment indeed...


It's like the whole world stops spinning for those few seconds of failure. You're all confident, with a smile on your face, and then, it happens...


Haha.. happens all the time with me. (maybe not on the last q with 0 hearts left...) but i got used to the translate "a xxx" and then hit the ones with no "a"... died multiple times because of it ... xD


I hate that feeling SO much! It is by far the most frustrating thing on here. Especially when you get have all 3 hearts and you're on the last question and you get it wrong for a minor reason. I'll give you some lingots to ease your pain, friend.


Get a grip! If that's your biggest problem, well, lucky you! The program doesn't judge and you get another chance , or as many as you need.


Oh yes, I definitely know the feeling. Haven't "died" from it, but lost some valuable hearts on it a couple of times too many.


I have made lots of stupid mistakes like that too! But I've never seen hearts... just the green bar that fills up if you have a word correct, and goes down if you make mistakes.


.....and then after the fail we head to the discussion boards, yepp.


Oh, I know... I keep adding the "ett" or "en" and they buzz me out! Breaks my last heart.


no more hearts :)


Not everyone has the new system. I still have hearts, unfortunately.


yes, that's unfortunate. In my case, I'm not in the testing half for exp points, so I can't see how many exp I have/need for the next level.


Right click anywhere on the page, and click "view source". Search the page for "level_" and you will see a bunch of variables pertaining to your progress. It will show you how much experience you need for the next level, how much you have, the percentage of the level complete, etc.

Dirty, but it gets the job done if you really want to know this stuff.


These things are so annoying, similar thing happened to me. ;-)

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