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"Il quinto ponte porta al museo."

July 9, 2013



...Can this not be "He carries the fifth bridge to the museum."? If not, they really need "is brought" as a hint on "porta".

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The literal meaning is "The fifth bridge brings (you) to the museum", meaning that you must take that bridge to get to the museum. Your sentence would actually make sense, but in an unusual word order that only fits in poetry.


Oh, hehe, only now do I actually see what the sentence means. I was thinking it was a weird one involving someone carrying a bridge (maybe some kind of piece of art?) to a museum.


Why I can't say "the fifth bridge brings to the museum" without "you" behind "brings".O.K I understand that we have verb "porta" which implies on "you"(tu,voi).But you give to us another correct answer which sounds like "The fifth bridge leads to the museum."

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