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Germany Bucket List

The next time I visit Germany, while I'd love see the Black Forest, Saxon Switzerland and many other things - my dream, no, my prayer is that at one stage I will see "a coat on roof!" And there better be German speakers around (I'll call them over if I have to) to hear me loudly proclaim "Der Mantel ist auf dem Dach!"

December 1, 2014



Gotta have a currywurst at one of those shady stands on street corners.


Stand currywurst are absolutely the best! German sausage you can't go wrong.


I've never been, but when I go there to study abroad for a year, I want to visit every Bundesland. I don't want to do all the basic things like "Berlin" and "Reichstag" -- I wanna go on a walking trail in the black forest, take photos of the snow-capped mountains, relax in a tiny town in the countryside, get coffee with friends at local cafes, maybe take the train into the Netherlands and talk to people. Just live the average life there. Much more relaxing than rushing around to all the tourist attractions!


Sounds cool - but sometimes the really popular tourist destinations are popular for good reasons. Berlin is awesome. They have "the walls of Babylon" there. Incredible museums. Great food! And a mind blowing history!


While I want to reach atleast a C1 level of German (required to enter my dream university in Germany), my main goal is to use those DuoLingo sentences one day (you know what I'm talking about) :)


I hope not the "swimming in the Milk". Good luck with making C1.


A: "I swam in milk yesterday."

B: "You...you what--- coughs I mean, I beg your pardon?"

A: "I meant that I took a milk bath. But since my bathtub is ridiculously large, and I have not swim for years, I thought: 'Warum nicht?', and just took a swim in it with the breaststroke."

Translate to German and wa-la! Also, thank you!


What university if I may ask?


It's Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, or University of Freiburg for short.


Wow that's pretty extreme, The Hochschule fur Musik in Weimar that I'm looking into requires only B1.


It looks brilliant.


My favorite hiking place on Earth is Saxon Switzerland! Saxony is an amazing place. If you go there, make sure to go to Dresden, Görlitz, and Bautzen!


Ich habe auch in Sächsische Schweiz laufen. Es war wunderbar. I haven't been to Bautzen but we eat their mustard - Der bestern in des Welt!


Great thread!

Two hints: Ich bin gelaufen. Der beste in der Welt! :)


Danke fur die Korrektur.


I see where you're going...

I'm gonna go on a streetcar, or the U-Bahn, or maybe a gondola thingy (like the one just south of Freiburg). Anyway, I'm gonna wave my hands around the frame of the door until right before it closes, and then pull them in just ahead of the slamming door. All this, just so I can shout out:

"Meine Finger habe ich behalten!!!"


I haven't learn Finger or behalten yet, but I now get the feeling I will pretty soon.


I highly recommend the fat tire bike tours in Berlin. I went last week on the Reicht tour. The guide was excellent. He had a degree in German history and was very animated. I never hear anyone talk about Marburg but it is a great place to visit.


My family lives in the Rhineland Pfälz, which is in the Southwest of Germany, on the Luxembourg and French borders. It's the wine-growing region of Germany, and they used to speak a dialect of French and German mixed that I think is charming. The people are warm and welcoming, and it's very beautiful. There's a bunch of great Roman Ruins in the area, and a great number of important historical castles, including the one that Richard the Lionheart was held prisoner in. I've been to Germany several times, and the Pfälz is always one of my favorite places to visit.

In case you're interested in the dialect, here's a quick funny video (the first of a short series) that actually has some examples of people speaking Pfälzisch, though the guy in the beginning, wearing the gray sweater, is speaking Hoch Deutsch.


Have fun in Germany!


Lol, that made me laugh.


And just who are these experts who lie between us? Hee-hee, funny post. :D


That is "pen of my aunt" stuff. Perhaps it could be extended to "Der Mantel meiner Tante ist auf dem Dach meines Onkels!", but that would make it even harder to find.


I want to learn atleast 5 languages. German is my #1 favourite.


I'm going to Germany on a High School Exchange thing. What should I do in my freetime over there? We will be in Oschersleben. Is there anything I NEED to do over there?


I am stationed in Spangdahlem and live near Prum right now, playing on the local fussball teams and loving it! the Eifel area AKA rheinfald-platz region is gorgeous! Castles everywhere, bars in every little village, great people, great food, you gotta try a Doner Kebap also while you're here and of course any kind of schnitzel with the cream mushroom sauce is out of this world! I've only been here since May this year but my favorite places in Germany so far are Koln (Cologne), Koblenz and Bernkastel-Kues which is a fantastic wine country with tons of great restaurants. Plus with Luzembourg and Belgium nearby there's never a shortage of incredible beers to try.


Ha, ha! A lingot to you! Recently started this fun app, so I haven't reached the "coat" vocab yet, but will have another good laugh when that phrase jumps out. Tschüss.

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