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Looking to try and translate some music on my own for fun and practice. Hoping to find some ignorant easy to understand simple rap songs. Similar to Trap Rap in America. Everything i have found on my own is too political leaving me looking up politicians and events more than the actual language. Thanks

December 1, 2014



"Just D", perhaps. They popularized hip hop in Sweden in the early 90s. Not sure how easy their lyrics are to understand, but at least there are no deep political/social messages to distract you; the lyrics are playful with a lot of irony and self-distance - they were three white guys from affluent Stockholm families.

Relalalaxa - lyrics - about, well, calming down and relalalaxing.

Vart tog den söta lilla flickan vägen? - lyrics - "Where did the cute little girl go?"

Tre gringos - lyrics - about taking the blue line of the Stockholm subway to a suburb (where everything is strange and different) in order to buy a saxophone (this is in the style of dansband!)

Juligen - lyrics - about the terror of Swedish Christmas celebrations

87-87 lyrics - nostalgia about the 1980s


Although I don't like him, I can say Mange Schmidt has a relatively slower rap style. Maybe he'd be good for a learner?


Tio små moppepojkar by Dr Alban was made to encourage road safety and it'll also teach you how to count to ten in swedish.


Maybe Ison och Fille a popular song is: Länge leve vi. Or maybe Snook with a classic from 2007.


I don't listen to a lot of rap but I am quite fond of Movits!, partly because of the electroswing elements. Try this song which I am pretty sure doesn't have a lot of references, just a story about a guy stealing apples :)



I find Movits a little difficult to understand sometimes, but I really like their music and the lyrics are relatively simple when you're reading them. Movits! performed a lot with Zacke, and I like his stuff as well. Men Nånting with Timbuktu is a really fun song, and the lyrics are relatively simple.

I also see Afasi come up a lot too, but I don't really like him.

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