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"Er zijn veel orkanen in de zomer."

Translation:There are many hurricanes in the summer.

December 1, 2014



Are there actually ever hurricanes that hit that region of Europe in the summer? Or is it kinda rare, like how hurricanes never hit California?


Nederlands wordt gesproken in andere plaatsen dan Europa, bijvoorbeeld de Nederlandse Antillen.


Remnants of hurricanes sometimes come our way but by the time they get here they aren't severe. We do get big storms here in the colder half of the year though, the winds can reach hurricane-like speeds as the storms make their way to the continent across the Atlantic. They aren't as bad as Katrina-type storms but it can get quite spooky still :)


The only region of Europe where hurricanes can occur are the Azores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Hurricanes_in_Europe A hurricane is a meteorological term that is based on location. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_hurricane


How about typhoon or a cyclone? does Nederlands have a word for it?

  • Typhoon - Tyfoon
  • Cyclone - Cycloon


In Australia we call hurricanes cyclones

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