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  5. "Het weer is heet gebleven."

"Het weer is heet gebleven."

Translation:The weather has remained hot.

December 1, 2014



Kan ik zeggen "Wauw, zij is heet! Ik vind haar haar leuk!" or do they not say that in Dutch? I was taught by my German teacher that Germans don't say heiß as "hot" is in English but today I was reading YouTube comments and they DO in fact use heiß as attractive.

Is this the case in Dutch as well? :D


No, not as far as I know. Though I must admit that I'm not very up-to-date on the current 'street' language around here.

The adjective "lekker" can be used for all your objectification needs.


+1 for diplomacy :)


a great thing coming from a simius lol

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Actually you could probably use it that way in Dutch as well, as its been "imported" into Dutch as well by now, although its not completely normal to use it that way and might be seen as strange, or even "old fashioned trying to look young" by young people!


Okay, cool thanks! :D


Yes, you can say that (I'm a dutch native speaker).


Would someone please explain the differences between gebleven, verbleven and bleven. Thank you.


Gebleven: past participle of the verb blijven = to stay. Bleven: simple past plural of the same verb. Verbleven: simple past plural of the verb verblijven = to reside; to stay, in the sense of "to stay in a hotel".


the male voice speaks too quickly !


The hot weather continues ???

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