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"De kiezer geeft een uitleg van zijn politieke ideeën."

Translation:The voter gives an explanation of his political ideas.

December 1, 2014



That moment when you forget to type 'an' instead of 'a'.

On the plus side, I'm well on the way to my goal of being more fluent in Dutch than in English! :P


That moment when you type for and they only accept of... sheeee!!!


I'm not a native English, but don't we normally say "give an explanation for something" instead of "of something" ?


Another native speaker opinion (U.S.): "explanation of" would refer to what his ideas are; "explanation for" would be why he holds them. The former strikes me as the more common case here. Concomitantly, "He gave an explanation for his tardiness" also seems more natural.


Your explanation may be fine as an opinion. But in all contexts BOTH are used VERY frequently... and you'd THINK something as petty as this would have been corrected long ago. There is nothing "wrong" about using the word "for" in either context.


Apparently our dialects differ.


A non-native English speaker has asked a question about English. I view it as useful to such an individual to know when there may be significant differences among English dialects.

To me the conceptual distinction between "explanation of" and "explanation for" in this sentence is stark, a distinction that seems mirrored in Dutch (uitleg van vs. uitleg voor), although I can certainly not speak with any authority on that point.


agreed, but that doesn't make one any more correct than the other! ;)


Yes... (Native speaker here) we usually say it's an explanation "for"... I only hear an explanation "of" when it is going to be about a topic... such as "an explanation of the Rosetta Stone"... where "for" wouldn't make sense. But in THIS context... yes, most frequently we would say "for"...


uitleg? i hear aarleich? i would never ever be able to guess or hear that was uitleg


Sounds pretty good to me.


Why is elector not accepted?


‘So I’m voting NSDAP beca—’


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