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Lock feature in the forums and sentences ?

I was wondering if there are talks about including a lock feature in the forums and sentences? Judging from certain sentences it is something that is sorely needed ASAP. I really do hope that Duolingo and whoever moderates the peace on here decides to implement this rather than simply doing what's easy and deleting problem sentences because some don't like them. It does seem like a good medium and keeping in line with Duo's 'neutrality' stance :)

Plus, it is a standard feature of most forums and would save a lot of work for the mods...

December 1, 2014



It does? After reading certain things a few days ago and certain issues lately I was unsure that it did but thanks for answering. I guess my title should be "Perhaps moderators could enforce a lock on a certain sentence" then :)


If you're talking about a sentence in the Swedish course, then I think I know the one you mean. The action, or lack of action, has been/is being discussed by course moderators, forum moderators, and I believe staff. Nobody wants to step on anyone else's toes, and everyone wants a solution that leaves everyone happy (or at least not upset or disgruntled).
Deleting all posts in the discussion and locking it is certainly one solution, and it has been done before (usually with an accompanying note from a moderator) with sentences that seem to trigger debates about non-language related topics.

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