"Yes, it is necessary."

Translation:Ja, det är nödvändigt.

December 1, 2014

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My understanding of the difference between jo and ja has to do with whether or not the question is asked as a negative. If the question is in the negative then you answer jo. If the question is in the positive you answer ja. Är det din bil? Ja. Är det inte din bil? Jo. There's also the difference if you're uncertain about your answer. If you're certain about the answer in the affirmative you say ja, but if you are uncertain you can answer jo. Vet du honom? Ja. (meaning yes I know him) or Jo (meaning maybe I do know him, but I'm unsure).


Why would it be wrong to say "Jo" here instead of "Ja"


+1 why is "jo" marked as incorrect?


Exactly. What's the difference between Ja and Jo.

[deactivated user]

    Could anyone elaborate on this, please?


    Why is 'Ja, den är nödvändig' not accepted?

    I thought that when the article is unstated the genders are interchangeable, is that not always the case, or just wrong?


    Maybe because you don't know the gender of what Duo talks about,so you just use neuter as convention


    Can someone explain why i need the neuter word nödvändigt instead of the common nödvändig?


    Because it's describing 'det', which is neuter.

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