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  5. "The kitten is sleeping."

"The kitten is sleeping."

Translation:Het katje slaapt.

December 1, 2014



Can also be: Het poesje slaapt.


Totally random but the other day I bought a candy from this German company called "Katjes". What is odd is that when I buy their stuff usually their packaging is in German (mine were the Euro Münzen if you know what I am talking about) but the company's name is evidently Dutch for Kitten and some of their other stuff is packaged in Dutch and yet they're produced in Germany.


All and every ' -je ' diminutives are words in 'het' whatever the original is.


Why is 'an het slapen' wrong


That would be "aan het slapen" (the aan het-continuous)


Why is it het katje? Isn't it de kat? Do many other diminutives use different articles than the words they're diminutives of?


Yes, as far as I noticed, it's also because of this that meid is a de-word but meisje is a het-word. Go to Welk Lijdwoord to find out which article most diminutives use.


All singular diminutives use het, all plural diminutives use de. ;)

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