"Nossa menina escreve um livro."

Translation:Our girl writes a book.

July 9, 2013

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"Nossa menina" is another way to say "Our daughter" in European Portuguese. "Our daughter writes a book" should be an acceptable answer.


In Brazilian Portuguese, it's commom to say "Nossa menina". Parents usually call female children "menina" instead of "filha". Report the mistake!


It just accepted it for me. :)


The system works! :D


Do you speak all of those languages? that seems like a little too much for the brain.


henriquotto Portuguese speakers from Brazil and Europe are here united to say it could also be translated as 'our daughter', which is better English too.


i would add that in context, 'our girl' can also mean 'our daughter' in English too. so it is good to know that both major dialects of Potuguese and English also acceptably use this to mean 'our daughter'. however, with English is is more clear and better to say 'our daughter' when we mean that, because 'our girl' is just more ambiguous, which is why i came to these comments, to see if this means 'our doughter' too or not.


I think it's because this course is based on Brazilian Portuguese.


rolosrevenge Obrigado por essa precisão. To tell you the truth, I was wondering whether I could also translate with "daughter' because 'our girl' sounds a bit weird.


"our girl is writing a book" is accepted, but really that should be "nossa menina está escrevendo um livro"


yes, simple present tense & progressive present tense (present imperfect) are both interchangeable in several languages. in English tho, we commonly use the progressive form ('is writing') more commonly than other languages. so many times the simple present tense 'she writes' is used in other languages when English might more commonly use the progressive form 'is writing'.


Duolingo's "Another correct solution: Our girl writes a book" contains the implication that the doer does nothing else (ever!). Would indeed the more probable meaning i.e. "is writing a book" be the identical formulation in Portuguese?

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