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no hearts/lifes?

Hi there, I started Duolingo last week and i'm loving it. A couple of days later, a friend also started and i noticed she has hearts (lifes) when 'playing' and i don't. (Also the progress meter has separate blocks instead of it being one bar.) How can I enable the hearts?

3 years ago

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The hearts format is the regular one in Duolingo available to most users. The one you have is available to select few users and is part of an ongoing test of Duolingo to see if it helps in improving the learning experience. If the tests are successful, the changed format will be rolled out to all users. And if the results don't show improvement, it will be taken out and you will get the old format. As the accounts are selected arbitrarily for the test groups, users don't have an option to opt out.

3 years ago