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  5. "You are the waiter."

"You are the waiter."

Translation:U bent de ober.

December 1, 2014



Serveester its not the same??


It's the female form-waitress


Why not "U bent ober"? In another thread, I was dinged as wrong for using the article. I couldn't understand why the article was not used in Dutch, but someone said you could drop the article when referring to jobs. Here, however, it's incorrect to leave it out. What's the rule?


It took me a while to realize: You can leave out an indefinite article "een", but not a definite article "de" or "het". When you say "U bent ober", it means "You are a waiter."


why even though he accepts the both answers i still get that i make a mistake? i have chosen both answers and its bith wrong..:/


Then they do not accept both answers. I just had the multiple choice and I chose both U and Jij, but the second one had the wrong verb conjugation so it was wrong.


Is 'zijn' only used as 'are' when the subject is plural?


Yes, have a look at the conjugation of zijn: http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?D1=24&T1=zijn

In short applicable here

  • Je/Jij/U bent - You are (singular), and should be used here as the waiter is singular.
  • Jullie zijn - You are (plural)
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