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  5. "Salt er et krydderi."

"Salt er et krydderi."

Translation:Salt is a spice.

December 1, 2014



Not to be all food nerd on everyone, but technically no. Salt is a seasoning, because it is used to season food, but it is not a spice. Spices are typically berries, bark, rhizomes, etc and their powdered equivalents. Herbs are leaves. They all fall under the generic term seasoning. None of this is material to the lesson, I just wanted to share. :-D


Danish does not distinguish between spice and seasoning, both are krydderi.


Which means the Danish is correct and the English is wrong.


Did "krydderi" originally mean "herbs"? It is so similar to German "Kräuter" (which only refers to herbs, so it does not include salt).


If you live in the Midwestern US, salt is the ONLY spice! ;D


why not: salt is a condiment


Doesn't 'condiment' usually refer to ketchup, mustard, etc? To me, that is different from spices.


No matter how often I typed the answer in Danish, I was told I had typed the answer in English. This happened even when the question was repeated. I flagged it. Don't know if anyone else has this technical problem.


What is this, England?

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